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People are living longer, are healthier and have greater assets. Yet, with few role models to it's not easy to know how to achieve a fulfilling life to 100+.

Retire Brilliantly is a partner of Age Brilliantly - community platform which mature adults engage with peers, experts & providers to take control and live better. We offer educational and experiential programs to help adults navigate the transition from a focus on career and family to a retirement lifestyle that maximizes the opportunities for the next 30+ years. We provide engaging workshops, seminars and presentations; our faculty includes professionals and expert providers in a variety of areas including health, finance and travel who share their insights with Age Brilliantly members.

Our highly interactive Plan to Retire Brilliantly Workshop provides the framework to develop a successful plan for your retirement lifestyle. Understanding how to best leverage your personal strengths and experience as well as minimize your vulnerabilities in order to navigate a successful path to retirement is critical. With aging, we experience changes in identity, personality, social dynamics, spirituality, sense of purpose, financial security and emotional stability. You need to understand and take control of your psychological, physical and financial well being. When you examine your life to date, identify what's important in the future, understand how time changes many things in your life and then build a flexible, executable plan for a fulfilling future.

How important is it? As the saying goes: a failure to plan may mean a plan to fail.

Our confidential, supportive and interactive group workshop allows you to work on these issues in an informative, inspirational, and supportive environment. The full-day program takes place on Sunday, September 17, 2017 in New York City. For details, complete our form and we'll be in touch.

Transitions can be intimidating; but with the support of the Retire Brilliantly Team, your retirement transition process doesn't have to be.

Thoughtfully yours,

The Retire Brilliantly Team

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